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Accidents Involving 18-Wheelers And Other Commercial Trucks

Almost every time there is an accident involving an 18-wheeler or a big commercial truck along Interstate 45 or Highway 30, we see pictures of the aftermath. When the other vehicle is a car or a pickup, it’s easy to imagine the kind of devastation the driver and their passengers must be experiencing. Even the biggest pickups and SUVs are no match for a semi.

The devastation of these accidents goes beyond just vehicle damage and physical injuries. Victims of these accidents often end up in a hospital bed watching as their lives quickly turn upside down. Medical bills continue to gather as they deal with lost time at work, emotional trauma and the possibility that their way of life may be changed forever.

The Complicated Details Surrounding Truck Accident Claims

Accidents involving trucks and 18-wheelers involve issues unique to commercial vehicles. Federal and state trucking regulations determine how this type of claim can be brought forward. If road conditions are determined to be a factor, government agencies and road construction crews can be held accountable.

If the truck driver was a contractor, you may end up dealing with the company that owns the truck as well as the driver’s insurance company. Issues surrounding driver training, scheduling and the maintenance and upkeep of the truck may all come into play.

Having knowledge of these laws and experience dealing with these types of cases is critical to getting a fair settlement. By choosing Barcus & Cantrell, you get an advocate with a track record of getting fair settlements for accident victims. We make sure to address not only your current medical bills, but also your long-term financial and health needs.

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