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Almost every day we hear about serious accidents along major roadways like I-45 and State Highway 75. Without warning, people find themselves in the hospital trying to figure out what happened. An uneventful daily commute is suddenly transformed into a catastrophe.

At Barcus & Cantrell PLLC, we understand the impact a serious accident can have on your daily life. Pain, medical bills and lost time at work may be just the tip of the iceberg. You need an advocate who understands all of the possible long-term effects of being in an accident. The lawyers at Barcus & Cantrell can be that advocate, making sure you get fair treatment from the insurance company.

Dealing With The Insurance Company

After an accident, the last thing you need is the stress of dealing with the insurance company. A claims adjuster will probably show up with a settlement offer before you’ve had time to thoroughly evaluate your situation.

At Barcus & Cantrell, we can step in as your advocate and make sure you don’t sign off on a settlement that isn’t fair. We have the experience and knowledge to recognize terms that don’t address the full scope of the damages you’ve suffered. You need to focus on your physical recovery; our attorneys can take care of dealing with the insurance company.

Thorough. Consistent. Focused.

When you turn to our firm, you can count on our attorneys to provide you with an attentive, consistent contact. Our work is as much about the detail oriented review of documents as it is fighting in the courtroom.

We strive to provide a high standard of service each person who comes to us with such issues as:

When you come to our firm, we focus on providing you with information and options. We want you to know what’s ahead, so we can personally  tailor a strategy for you.

Do I Need An Attorney For My Case?

All too often, people try to handle their motor vehicle accident case without speaking to an attorney. They trust the information they receive from insurance companies, never thinking about some of the long-term costs of a crash. If they have not yet had medical care, injuries that take time to heal can lead to expensive and costly treatment.

A motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you understand exactly what to do with your case. You have an advocate on your side, representing your interests. You need to know that the other parties involved in these cases, including your insurance company, are looking out for their own best interests. You need someone who can provide you with guidance on what is best for you.

How Much Is My Motor Vehicle Accident Case Worth?

There are many factors that impact the value of motor vehicle accident claims in Texas. The injuries suffered by the parties, the circumstances leading to the crash, the insurance coverages involved and several other items can and will impact the amount of recovery available. Each case has its own unique circumstances, and it is important to understand how the facts in your case will affect the compensation you may be able to seek from the responsible parties.

Our experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys understand how to evaluate these cases. We can meet with you and discuss what we believe may be available to you in your case. We will work hard to pursue a fair recovery for you before trial, but if it is in the best interests of the case, we are ready to go to court if necessary to help you obtain compensation.

What Should I Do After An Auto Accident?

There are many things that you should do after a crash. Take pictures of the accident scene and vehicles involved if you are able. Exchange insurance information with the other drivers. Do not discuss any details of the accident with those drivers – limit your discussions to insurance information only. Call police and other emergency personnel to the scene if needed.

Perhaps most importantly, after an accident, see your medical provider even if you think you were not injured. In many cases, injuries can take time to show symptoms, and if you have not visited your doctor, it can be very difficult to connect the injuries to the car accident. You should also contact an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve after the crash.

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