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The Challenges Facing Motorcycle Riders

As a biker, you know how challenging riding can be. It’s much more physically demanding than driving a car, and it also comes with dangers that no driver can imagine. That’s why you deserve an attorney who understands.

At Barcus & Cantrell PLLC, our attorneys know how difficult it is to recover from the often catastrophic injuries that come from a motor vehicle crash. We’re dedicated to fighting for people in Huntsville suffering from motorcycle crash injuries. Our experience has paid off for clients across Texas who have to fight for the compensation they need.

Why Are Motorcycle Crash Injuries So Extensive?

A motorcycle is a far less protected vehicle than a car or anything else on the road. When the lack of certain safeguards combines with high speeds, extensive injuries are common. But that’s not why driving a motorcycle is dangerous on its own. There is one major threat that causes the most devastating, painful injuries: other drivers.

Car and truck drivers are often the key cause of motorcycle accidents. There are so many reasons for that:

  • Distraction
  • Low visibility
  • Weather
  • Aggressiveness

Drivers often treat motorcyclists with immense disrespect, and it can feel like everyone you deal with after your accident shares that disrespect.

Fighting For Your Just Compensation

In fact, one of the worst difficulties you must overcome is the ways insurance companies try to place the blame for your accident on you riding a motorcycle. It’s true that accidents happen, but riding a motorcycle doesn’t make you less safe of an operator. Often, your understanding of your vulnerabilities makes you much more cautious.

Insurance companies work extremely hard to minimize your injuries and pay you as little as possible for your injuries. However, we will be there to fight for you and pursue what you deserve.

On Your Side The Whole Way

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