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Guiding Clients Through The Litigation Process

The attorneys at Barcus & Cantrell PLLC, have decades of experience guiding clients through civil and commercial litigation. We can assist you with legal disputes, explaining the implications of each event and decision along the way.

Whenever possible, we try to resolve issues outside of the courtroom to save you time and money. If a trial can’t be avoided, we bring our knowledge and experience to the courtroom and fight for you. Our goal is to reach the best possible outcome while building long-term attorney-client relationships based on trust.

Helping Clients With Civil Litigation Claims

Legal disputes concerning money, performance and contract details can pop up without warning at any time causing disruption to your business and personal life. These disputes may not rise to the level of a crime, but may often involve a dizzying array of legal obligations that rival the efforts required to try a criminal case.

If you’re facing civil litigation, we can help minimize the stress and effort of resolving your legal issue. We have experience negotiating and litigating a range of civil litigation disputes, including:

  • Insurance claims
  • Civil rights claims
  • Indemnity claims
  • General civil litigation
  • Premises liability claims

Helping Clients With Commercial Litigation Claims

Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants in commercial litigation. Arguing cases from both sides of the court for more than two decades gives us unique insights into the process of civil litigation. These insights allow us to work quickly and efficiently to resolve your legal issues. We understand that in business and in life, time is money.

We work on common commercial litigation claims of all kinds, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud and deceptive practices
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Real estate litigation

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